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Waiting in the Shadows

Waiting in the Shadows


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   While the world sleeps, floral bouquets go unnoticed, their vibrant hues and delicate forms concealed by shadow. This painting depicts a serene scene of flowers nestled in the darkness. "Waiting in the Shadows" is a prime example of how Rachel uses oil pastels on black paper to build her composition one mark at a time.

  Original oil pastel on paper

  Painting measures -  11"W x 14"H

FRAME NOT INCLUDED -Artwork is packed with care in a clear sleeve  and shipped flat; When framing, we recommend providing an air space between the glass and the artwork with the use of matting or spacer.


Rachel Bunteman is a self-taught, mixed media artist based in Anaheim, CA. Her vibrant and energetic work reflects her passion for experimentation and exploration. Rachel has participated in local artwalks and has shown her work in several Southern California galleries.

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