Owners Jane Ouweleen and Carol van Ahlers

Our Story

Gallery Owners: Jane Ouweleen and Carol van Ahlers 

Jane and Carol met in 2019 at an art exhibit, entitled Women’s Work in Fullerton, CA. Jane was a participating artist and Carol curated the event. Since that time, they discovered they share mutual interests including a love of art. Through their involvement with artists in their community, they recognized the challenges of concurrently promoting and creating artistic work. Together they have created a channel for artists to expand their audience and for collectors to discover new original works.

Our Approach

  • Images of artists' paint brushes and supplies

    Seek out dynamic working artists from the local community and beyond

  • Artist with brush, water and paint palette

    Curate and present these artists’ works in a visual and descriptive format.

  • Painting of yellow and blue flowers with artist's brush

    Connect collectors to original art and make it easy to purchase with confidence.

  • Close up of acrylic paint tubes

    Educate our gallery community through blogs and newsletter on various artist styles, mediums and trends in the world of art

How We Curate

We choose and partner with working artists who are continually challenging their creativity. Our intent is to exhibit art that engages a viewer and elicits an emotional response - an exciting discovery! We want our gallery visitors to be Over the Moon about the artwork on our website.