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Turquoise Vase on Vermillion

Turquoise Vase on Vermillion


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   The turquoise vase is the star of this composition, pairing boldly with the fiery vermillion background and enhancing the vividness of the flowers. The daisies, with their white petals and sunny yellow centers, radiate a cheerful simplicity.

   The background's rich, textured surface adds depth and warmth, creating energy between the elements. 

  Original painting - oil pastel on paper

 Painting measures - 9"W x 12"H

FRAME NOT INCLUDED -Artwork is packed with care in a clear sleeve  and shipped flat; When framing, we recommend providing an air space between the glass and the artwork with the use of matting or spacer.


Rachel Bunteman's journey as an artist began in 2021 when she embarked on a daily art practice. This commitment has allowed her to hone her skills and refine her unique style. Inspired by an early love of drawing and nature, Rachel’s artistic process unfolds through layers of expressive, bold marks.  The resulting image is a burst of color and energy!

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