Collection: Steffi Möllers

   For Munich-based artist Steffi Möllers, her best paintings are created when she doesn’t think. To dig deep into her creativity, she needs to let loose and go away completely in her mind, letting the painting lead her in its creation. Through her work Steffi can best express her feelings and reflect on her life - the challenges and joys. 

   After completing her law studies, Steffi was shaken to the core after the death of her first child. She used painting to help her heal. Working with color, shapes, textures and a multiple of mediums, Steffi transformed herself into a working artist, later sharpening her skills by earning an art degree.

   Following her first solo show in Hamburg in 2010, Steffi lived and worked in California for four years, which began a stream of nearly 24 group and solo shows all over the world. She now resides in Munich, Germany and runs art workshops in Barcelona, Spain.