A surreal composite image of a boat with a woman's face looking up at a bird in the sky.  Image is titles A Fair Wind by Meryl Skyler and has an encaustic wax finish.

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What do we mean when we refer to the encaustic process?

Encaustic is a printed image whose surface has been enhanced by applying multiple layers of a combination of beeswax and damar resin.  The result?  An image rich with additional depth and texture not achievable through conventional printing methods. The print's surface displays a smooth wax finish.

The process requires skill and must be done slowly.  Our gallery artist, Meryl Skyler, is an expert in this medium.  By applying wax and pastels, each of her prints become a one-of-a-kind artwork.   

The art form has origins going back to the Greeks in the fifth century. Artists were commissioned to paint funeral portraits, then used wax to provide a protective coating.  It's believed also that many of the monuments in Greece today were initially covered with colorful, encaustic artwork that's worn away. 

Art covered in wax is very durable.  The addition of damar resin, which is a tree resin, acts as a hardening agent, protecting the image from moisture and discoloration. As with all original artwork though, it is best to display out of direct sun.

Over the Moon Gallery offers four of Meryl's lovely encaustic artworks in our gallery.              

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