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Part of the Whole #11

Part of the Whole #11

Steffi Möllers

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Colorful original abstract painting on paper using mixed media from a series created from Steffi's studio work top. The paper accumulates color as she creates her various works. She intentionally cuts with irregular edges for an original painting which she embellishes with added design, building up layers for texture and depth.

Painted on heavy work paper; acrylic paint

Image measures 7.5"W x 7.5"H; image w/frame measures 10"Wx10"H

Frame included - Work is mounted on top of the mat to showcase uneven edges representing cuts from the whole. 

Each painting is sold separately.  We suggest pairing two or more together for a bright and colorful display!


   Steffi Möllers began as a self-taught artist but has since completed her art degree in painting. For her, painting is an essential way of expressing her feelings, as she lets her intuition guide her strokes, choose her colors and apply layers of various mediums.
   Steffi first exhibited her work in Hamburg and then enjoyed a four-year residency in California where she continued to paint and exhibit in connection with the Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton, CA. Since returning to Germany, her solo and group shows now total more than two dozen.
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