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Songs of Generations #2

Songs of Generations #2

Christina Akerson

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Acrylic and stucco on round wood panel. Songs of Generations #2 is created in orange hues and works beautifully with a set of three, however, can be displayed and enjoyed on its own. The mixture of stucco and acrylic creates deep and interesting textures that play with the color blends.

Attached to its own wood frame

Painting measures 13.5" x 13.5" diameter x 1.5"deep


Christina Akerson, based in Huntington Beach, has been painting since she was in high school. She enjoys abstract painting and using unique mediums, such as stucco in her Songs of Generations series. She holds a Master in Music which has led to performing internationally as well as on television and film. Her love of music inspires her paintings. 

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