Don’t Miss Your Local Artwalk!

Don’t Miss Your Local Artwalk!

Artwalks are popping up in communities across the map, especially those with a designated downtown or art district. If there is an artwalk nearby, absolutely take an evening to enjoy the food, drink and art. You’ll be supporting emerging artists, local business and promoting the importance of making art a priority in your community.

For artists, artwalks are a prime opportunity to share their talents with a built-in audience. They are great for sales, but also for exposure and in building their brand and establishing their presence locally.

For buyers, this is a chance to discover emerging artists and possibly join them on their journey as a collector. Most artists attend their showings during artwalk, giving visitors the chance to hear their story, find what it is that is behind a certain piece of art and what sparks their creativity.

For the community, crowds for an artwalk means good business. Often not only galleries are open for viewing, but restaurants and shops also feature one or two local artists who may not be associated with a local gallery. Be assured there will be plenty of food, drinks and music to round out your night of art appreciation!

On a broader scale, supporting your local artwalk with your attendance and patronage, can’t help but encourage more artistic endeavors. Successful art events, lead to more art events, bringing the joy and understanding of the importance of art in all of our lives to the forefront.  

It’s easy to find information on artwalks in your area. Search on social media and google to find when they are held in your area. Here are a few monthly artwalks we found in the So Cal region.

Claremont                First Friday, 6 pm

Fullerton                   First Friday 6 – 10 pm

La Jolla                    First Friday

Laguna Beach         First Thursday, 6 – 9 pm

Long Beach             Second Saturday, 5 – 9 pm

Pomona                   Second Saturday, 5 – 9 pm

Santa Ana                First Saturday

Santa Barbara         First Thursday, 5 – 8 pm

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